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GB WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version Updated —Official (Anti-Ban)

GB WhatsApp new version is a top-rated WhatsApp mod. GB WhatsApp contains the same basic functions as standard WhatsApp along with a variety of extra new features to help you get advanced chatting services. Unique features, vibrant font, electrifying theme, and splashy engaging emoticons, will really make you can’t help to give it a shot.

GB WhatsApp APK Download Official Website: , , (Click the above links for more info about GB WhatsApp 2023)

  • How do I tag all the members of the GB WhatsApp group?

    If you are sending important messages in a GB WhatsApp group and want someone in that group to notice them. You should use the “tag” function. This is because it allows you to grab the attention of someone in the group whose attention you want and remind them to read the message.

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