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A day ago, Yo WhatsApp received a significant update — the developers launched Yo WhatsApp V9.45, a version that not only optimises the features that already existed before, but also brings many new ones. If you haven’t got to know Yo WhatsApp V9.45 yet, stay curious and read on with me!

What is New in Yo WhatsApp V9.45

New features in Yo WhatsApp V9.45.

  1. Preview images/videos
    In previous versions, viewing images/videos meant that at the same time you were downloading those images or videos. This was very unfriendly to our phone’s memory. After user reactions, the development team made a choice. In Yo WhatsApp V9.45, the functions for previewing images/videos and downloading images/videos are separate. This is very sweet. Even if you are low on phone memory, or in case you don’t want to waste your own phone memory, you can still preview all the images/videos and then pick your favorites among them to download (download path: three dots — save to gallery)!
  2. Repost status
    Nowadays, a very large number of users like to use the status. With this update, changes have been made to the status feature as well. In the old version, it was only possible to post a status or delete it. However, in Yo WhatsApp V9.45 you have the option to edit the status you have uploaded. This is because sometimes we want to change our status, but we already have friends who have liked our status, so we don’t want to delete it. The option to repost status gives us more power.
  3. Poll and vote
    In previous versions, you could not start polls or votes in groups. But Yo WhatsApp V9.45 brings this feature. If you have updated to the Yo WhatsApp latest version, go ahead and try out this useful poll and vote!

Optimized features of Yo WhatsApp V9.45

  • The stability of the theme has been optimized. Using the theme has become more stable without the minor problems that occurred before.
  • Anti-ban has been optimized. YoWhatsApp V9.45 will be the most stable and secure of all Yo WhatsApp versions.
  • Optimized translation. In YoMods > Universal > Settings, you can set what language you want Yo WhatsApp to translate to.
  • Fixed some problems that existed before.

After reading this, I’m sure you’re as familiar as I am withwhat is new in Yo WhatsApp V9.45. Yo WhatsApp is indeed a powerful application. We all find it hard to resist its charms! This article is just an introduction to the new features brought by the Yo WhatsApp Update. But if you want to find out more about Yo WhatsApp, visit the official website: yowhatsapp.org

How do I know who has viewed my Yo WhatsApp profile? -Yo WhatsApp Download

Yo WhatsApp Official

Yo WhatsApp Download, YOWA Versi Terbaru 2023 APK Update V9.52

Latest Version 2023 | Official Website: www.yowa.dev

Since the launch of Yo WhatsApp, everyone has been very friendly. We love to use Yo WhatsApp on mobile phones. Do you know why Yo WhatsApp is so popular? Yo WhatsApp provides free messages along with voice calls and caller id. users can create large files, HD images and full You can also share videos, real-time location, and more with family, friends, and colleagues.

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Like any other social network, there are people who don’t want to communicate online. Do you know how many contacts check your Yo WhatsApp profile every day for various reasons? Yo WhatsApp stalker protection? How can I see who has viewed my Yo WhatsApp profile?

How do I know who has viewed my Yo WhatsApp profile?

There is no answer to this question. Yo WhatsApp takes user privacy very seriously and we are not updating this feature at this time.

You won’t know who has viewed your Yo WhatsApp profile. Yo WhatsApp does not count or keep statistics about who has viewed whose profile and does not show them.

There are many third-party apps on the market that claim to track who has viewed your personal data. And it is interesting that some of them just paid version. Unfortunately, these applications can’t have a functioning.

Who read your Yo world profile to know can’t set in its other ways start changing.

Set according who Yo world profile which can display information be determined. You need in order to approve a list car. Process is as follows.

  • Tap Settings.
  • Account selection – privacy
  • Then make changes as needed.

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