Best Adjustable DC Power Supply For Sale

Adjustable DC Power Supply

The adjustable voltage power supply offers adjustable outputs to meet different needs, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of applications by delivering precise, controlled power. As a professional DC power source manufacturer, ETOMMENS offers you adjustable DC power supplies with stable power output.

Adjustable DC Power Supply

How To Choose The Best Adjustable DC Power Supply

Power Needs

Evaluate the voltage, current, and power output requirements of your device or system to determine adjustable DC power supply specification needs.

Load Characteristics

Evaluate the load characteristics to ensure they are compatible with the adjustable power supply’s stability and precision, taking into account the sensitivity to fluctuations.

Noise Levels

Select a DC adjustable power supply with low noise to reduce interference and maintain smooth operation in environments sensitive to noise.

Safety Protection

Seek out an adjustable DC power supply equipped with extensive safety features like overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuit protection to protect your equipment.

What Is An Adjustable DC Power Supply?

The adjustable DC power supply, often referred to as a DC variable power supply, is an electronic device that transforms alternating current (AC) into a consistent direct current (DC) output. Its main function consists of regulating the output voltage, current or both to make it versatile. These adjustable DC power supplies are used in a wide range of applications such as circuit board testing, mobile phone testing, and laboratory scientific research, including any application that requires an adjustable DC regulated power supply.

Best Function Of Our DC Power Supply Adjustable

High Resolution

Our high precision variable DC power supply features high-resolution output settings and offers finely-tuned adjustments in voltage and current. This allows users to obtain precise and accurate power outputs, ideal for demanding experimental setups.

Support Programming

Equipped with advanced programming capabilities, our programmable DC adjustable power supply allows users to precisely set voltage and current levels tailored to their specific needs. This feature delivers exceptional flexibility and control, meeting diverse requirements for experimentation and testing.

Multiple Safety Protections

Safety is our top priority, which is why our adjustable DC voltage power supply includes comprehensive protection features such as leakage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuit protection. These protection features protect connected devices and minimize the risk of damage.

CV/CC Automatic Conversion

Our custom DC power supply adjustable is designed with an automatic CV/CC conversion feature that effortlessly alternates between constant voltage and constant current modes, delivering stable and dependable power for a wide range of applications. This intelligent feature facilitates efficient and safe functioning across a range of electronic devices and systems.

What is DC Variable Power Supply Used for?

Many industries rely on the superior stability and reliability of adjustable voltage power supplies to ensure that device runs smoothly, including:

Electronics Testing

Featuring settings for high-resolution output, our high precision power supply offers users the ability to make finely calibrated adjustments to voltage and current. This capability allows for exact and accurate power delivery, essential for meeting the stringent requirements of complex experimental configurations.

Experiments and Research

In scientific research laboratories, adjustable DC power supplies are essential for conducting a wide array of experiments in fields like physics, chemistry, and engineering, where precise and reliable power is necessary.

Industrial Manufacturing

DC variable power supplies are integral to industrial settings, where they power various machines and equipment. Their role is vital for the consistent and reliable functioning of automated systems and production lines.


In the telecommunications sector, DC adjustable power supplies are fundamental, supplying power to network equipment, servers, and communication devices to ensure uninterrupted communication and data flow.

Switching Or Linear Adjustable DC Power Supply: Key Difference

There are two types of DC power supply variable: Linear and Switching. Linear DC power supply features a straightforward design and operates quietly, while switching DC power supply is recognized for its high efficiency. Each type offers unique advantages and caters to different needs.

FeatureLinear Power SupplySwitching Power Supply
NoiseLow NoiseNoisy
Energy-Conversion LossMuch LossLess Loss
Response of Load FluctuationFastSlow

How To Use The DC Adjustable Power Supply Safely

Consult The User Manual
Prior to using the variable voltage DC power supply, it is essential to carefully read and comprehend the user manual. Doing so will acquaint you with critical safety guidelines, operating procedures, and possible hazards associated with the equipment.

Keep Away From Moisture
Make sure to keep the adjustable DC regulated power supply and any associated equipment away from water or moisture to prevent electrical hazards and potential damage. Always store the device in a dry environment to maintain its safety.

Follow Voltage and Current Limits
Use the DC power supply adjustable within the specified voltage and current limits for connected devices to prevent damage and electrical hazards.

Inspect The Unit Regularly
Periodically inspect the DC power supply variable to detect any wear or damage. Ensure that all components, including cables and connectors, are fully functional and in excellent condition prior to use to guarantee safe and effective operation.

Disconnect During Maintenance
Always unplug the adjustable DC power supply from the power source when performing maintenance to avoid electric shocks or short circuits. If necessary, consult with a professional.

Note: If you experience any operational doubts or technical issues, consult a qualified professional to ensure the safe and correct use of the adjustable DC power supply.

Popular Adjustable DC Power Supplies

Adjustable High Voltage DC Power Supply

Adjustable High Voltage DC Power Supply

Experience precise control and reliable performance with our adjustable high voltage DC power supply, designed for demanding high-voltage applications.

Category: Variable DC Voltage Power Supply, High Voltage Bench Power Supply, DC Power Supply High Voltage, 500V DC Power Supply, 600 Volt DC Power Supply

Adjustable Bench Top Power Supply

Adjustable Bench Top Power Supply

ETOMMENS adjustable bench top power supply delivers precise, stable power with user-friendly controls, ideal for laboratory and technical applications.

Category: Variable Bench Power Supply, Benchtop DC Power Supplies, Adjustable DC Power Supply, 100V DC Power Supply, 80V DC Power Supply

Adjustable DC Switching Power Supply

Adjustable DC Switching Power Supply

Discover our adjustable DC switching power supply, engineered for high efficiency, ensuring optimal performance with minimal energy waste.

Category: Adjustable Output Power Supply, Variable Switching Power Supply, Switching Bench Power Supply, 30V DC Power Supply, 60V Power Supply

Mini Adjustable DC Power Supply

Mini Adjustable DC Power Supply

Explore mini adjustable DC power supply, an economical power supply delivering high stability for dc power output.

Category: Mini DC Power Supply, Benchtop DC Power Supply, Small Adjustable Power Supply, 15V DC Power Supply, 30V 10A DC Power Supply

Adjustable Voltage DC Power Supply

Adjustable Voltage DC Power Supply

Maximize flexibility with the adjustable voltage DC power supply, featuring customizable voltage and current settings for specific project needs.

Category: Variable Output Power Supply, DC Power Supply Variable, 100V DC Power Supply, 120V DC Power Supply, 150V DC Power Supply

Adjustable Linear DC Power Supply

Adjustable Linear DC Power Supply

Enjoy quiet and efficient power delivery with ETOMMENS adjustable linear DC power supply, crafted for low-noise performance.

Category: Variable Linear DC Power Supply, Adjustable Voltage DC Power Supply, DC Variable Power Supply, 200V DC Power Supply, DC Power Supply 300V

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