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Fouad WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version(Anti-Ban)-Updated 2022-Official

Fouad WhatsApp is a mod version of the official WhatsApp. It’s a good way to support WhatsApp with extra features. You can download the Fouad WhatsApp APK 2022 latest version on your mobile phone, and can get many eclusive features with fouad whatsapp new version instead of using the original WhatsApp. Features like hiding online status and airplane mode, has become very popular among its users as opposed to the limitations of Whatsapp. It also has extra privacy available, and there is no need to pay anything to use Fouad whatsapp download apk. Click on the Fouad WhatsApp download link below,and you can enjoy it.


Fouad WhatsApp Download Latest

Fouad WhatsApp Download

Latest Version 2022V9.41
Fouad WhatsApp download Official

Whats is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is one of mods WhatsApp’s most popular APKs. It was developed by Fouad Mokdad, who also developed multiple mod APKs like FMWhatsApp,  Fouad GBWhatsApp and more. This module is similar to other modules in that it lets you customize your old interface with different wallpapers, themes, and fonts. Fouad WhatsApp also helps you improve security with an app lock with a customizable password.

Whats is Fouad WhatsApp?

Today I am here with the topic of Fouad WhatsApp which is the best and most popular revolutionary communication platform. It gives you full encrypted messages and calls. It has so many amazing features that the original WhatsApp lacks. That’s why it is known as the best mod of WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp vs WhatsApp – What’s The Difference?

There are many changes in fouad mods whatsapp instead of WhatsApp. Like good-looking themes availability, hide online status, turn on airplane mode, etc. Below is a list of some of the main key features of FouadWhatsApp VS WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp vs WhatsApp – What’s The Difference?

Advantages of using Fouad WhatsApp

  1. Greater customization: the main advantage of Fouad WhatsApp is its almost infinite customization options with endless possibilities to adapt the app to the user’s preferences in terms of aesthetics and usability.
  2. More privacy: the features of this MOD make it much more private than the official app, enabling the user to stay virtually invisible, hiding their connection time, blue checks, status, etc. as well as being able to protect their chats or even hide them completely.
  3. Two accounts on the same phone: unlike other MODs of Whatsapp, such as WhatsApp Plus, Fouad WhatsApp does allow the use of two accounts on the same device thanks to its package name being different from WhatsApp.

Summary of Fouad WhatsApp APK features


With the anti-ban system, third-party programmers attempt to maintain your account from being officially outlawed by WhatsApp. Some WhatsApp mods likewise utilize this mechanism. This is a fantastic feature of Fouad WhatsApp. Now you will not have to worry about the restriction system anymore due to the fact that right here we have an anti-ban mechanism.

Fouad WhatsApp shake to meet new friends

This app adds the lively and fun feature of shaking to meet new friends. You can make new friends anytime, anywhere and open the door to socialising. No longer do you have to worry about being too shy to ask people for their contact details.

Fouad WhatsApp shake to meet new friends

High-quality of images and videos

The most recent variation of Fouad WhatsApp is not such as the insane official WhatsApp that reduces the quality when sharing media files. With Fouad Mods, you can send high-grade images as well as video clips to your calls. With the brand-new upgraded feature, you are even able to send 1Gb of data each time. You can also send out greater than 10 photos at a time. Share top quality media data.

Theme Store and New Sticker Packs Added

In Fouad WhatsApp, you can use the themes to add amazing new themes to your WhatsApp. Taking pleasure in all these themes is additionally completely complimentary. You should learn about sticker label packs. Well, with the brand-new update of Fouad WhatsApp, you can add sticker packs and personalized sticker tag loads. You can additionally download and install sticker label tag loads from the game store.

FouadWhatsApp themes

Anti-revoke Messages and Status

Maybe you are feeling anxious about the deleted messages in your chat history. Now, don’t worry about those permanently deleted messages anymore, because you are using the greatest WhatsApp mod, “Fouad WhatsApp”. With it, you can conveniently see those deleted messages. You can also see the status of your friends, for example, if your friend on the list, raised his status and deleted it, you can see it by using this anti-revocation status feature.

Fouad WhatsAPP Customization Features

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version 2022 has customized features with which you are able to lots of things like, able to customize ‘who can call you, ‘who can message you, even you can customize your contacts profile pictures as well as status. You can customize themes, emojis, launcher icons, sticker packs, etc. Even you can change the notification icons of Fouad WhatsApp.

Message a number without saving any contact

You are able to message any WhatsApp contact number without saving the number. As well as you can call them without saving the number.

DND mode

There is a DND mode also available in Fouad WhatsApp. It’s a great feature to stay out of people’s interruptions. Simply turn on DND mode and stay out of stress. You can easily turn this feature. So what do you think of this DND mode? Download Fouad WhatsApp APK now.

Fonts And Icons

Fonts and icons are important experiences when we use mobile applications (especially messaging applications). Therefore, if you like custom fonts or are tired of stock icons, you can choose some interesting fonts from the theme store.


Many of you have encountered many problems with Fouad WhatsApp, but each time you can’t find it, it’s too much trouble, so this time I’ll answer them one by one.

IS it safe to use FOUAD WhatsApp?

Q :IS it safe to use Fouad WhatsApp?

A :Yes, it is completely safe to use Fouad Whatsapp, as the main concern here is your privacy and this has the end-to-end encryption as normal WhatsApp. I am using this mod for months for my business purposes and never faced in problem with the use of this app.

Q :What is Fouad WhatsApp and what is it for?

A :With Fouad WhatsApp, you will enjoy many customization options, enhanced privacy features to prevent anyone from controlling your use of the application, and the ability to remove many of the current limitations of WhatsApp. Everything without giving up the latest features of your favorite messaging app.

Q :WhatsApp Account ban OR Any Privacy issue?

A :No, This is total Save app you will have the ability to control your personal privacy choices. There is a high level of security here. High security and privacy features were developed at the time of development to eliminate monitoring by any agency or other people. Each person needs to use a password to access their chat account. Even the R&D backend can’t break through this fortress.

Q :Should we need to update Fouad Whatsapp?

A :No, this is not a necessary operation, the basic functionality of the app is stable and installed and can be used for a long time, but if you keep updating and keep up with our R&D department hair, then you can try an even more remarkable experience.

Q :If I want to Backup then can I got back up data? 

A :Yes, there is enough modern technology to make people’s lives easier and back up data can be kept intact for the purpose.

How to Install Fouad Whatsapp?

Installation guide

  1. Find the Fouad WhatsApp download module article here and click the button to download it
  2. Please wait while the download is completed.
  3. Then, go to the phone setting and click the security setting.
  4. You need to enable “Unknown Resources” to install this app.
  5. After the installation is completed open the app.
  6. Now it will ask you the number to make a new account or use your current account.
  7. After this, a code will be sent to your number.
  8. Enter that code and start using this app.


2022 the latest version FouadWhatsApp download update is amazing, do you want to know its update history and download link?

Fouad WhatsApp Download

Final Words

Fouad Whatsapp also offers the exact same security and plans as the official Whatsapp. So, if you want to have even more extra attributes, then put the Whatsapp APK into your device now.

We would be very grateful if you would review this amazing Fouad Whatsapp APK together with your friends. After using it, you will be convinced that it is one of the best apps with the latest features. You won’t face any security-related problems because it has the same license as the official app.

If you want to get more updates on this mod then you should keep visiting this site!

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